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Online Training for Pharmacy Technician Opens Excellent Career Opportunities

The requirements for applicants for a pharmacy technician certification program are quite well-defined. Any aspiring future professional in the pharmacy industry should be in position to present at least a certificate of graduation from any school with a state license. That requirement is a must. It is quite possible that some programs may require from their aspirants the possession of a high school diploma or GED. And it goes without saying that all pharmacy technician programs make an entrance exam their strict policy. In other words, in order to be accepted as a fully-fledged student of pharmacy science you should successfully pass the required exam. The appropriate educational level of the aspirants is a critical condition, since the professional specialization of a pharmacy technician depends on your skills and knowledge in relation to not so simple issues of the modern-day applied pharmacy science, so the training programs make sure that all candidates are satisfactorily endowed in the brain department, so to say!

Is the pharmacy technician specialization the same as the pharmacy aid specialization?

As far as the understanding of the laymen is concerned, many of those persons usually do not make proper distinction between the specialization of a pharmacy technician and that of a pharmacy aid. But, in point of fact, the duties of a pharmacy technician are more complicated and requite higher qualifications. On the other hand, this specialization opens more opportunities in the professional field of pharmacy industry. The wider choice of opportunities has been stimulating the preferences of more and more people who have chosen to apply for pharmacy tech certification program. The number of aspiring students demonstrates constant growth.

What determines the growing demand for skilled pharmacy technicians?

One of the reasons that have influenced the rising popularity of this specialization is the possibility of getting a certificate after the graduation from the training program. This is an issue of considerable importance. After you have completed the training program of a pharmacy technician school you are required to pass an exam. In case you have passed an exam successfully, you are entitled for your qualification certificate. The certificate is an official and accepted confirmation of your professional qualification. The holder of an accredited certificate has much better chances to get a rewarding job, even at the entry level. It would be much easier for such person to start up a successful career in the pharmacy industry.

In should be noted that the demand for qualified specialists of this professional specialization has demonstrated steady growth. All development forecasts predict this tendency to carry on into the nearest future and, possibly beyond it. The skills of professional pharmacy technicians become more and more required because of the increase in population, which leads to the growing number of the hospitals, which consequently, need increasing numbers of qualified assistance stuff. Another consideration is the elder population growth. The more the elder population grows, the higher is the demand for prescription medication, since this segment of population uses a large amount of such.

So, the employment outlooks for pharmacy technicians should be more than promising. They are expected to demonstrate more than the average increase through 2016. The increase of demand leads to excellent job opportunities expectations. Besides, the scientific advance of pharmacology also stipulates the growing demand for pharmacy technicians!

What financial rewards could a qualified pharmacy technician count on?

In the first place, you should realize that your pharmacy technician salary mainly depends on your qualification and availability of certificate. For instance, if you manage to obtain the widely reputably NPTCB certificate (National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board certificate) than you can justly count on considerable increase to your financial incentives.

Secondly, the level of your income would also considerably depend on the work settings you would be lucky to get into. A pharmacy technician could enjoy professional demand at a department store pharmacy or at some kind of hospital, for instance, a general medical or a surgical hospital. In either case you will be employed as a qualified pharmacy technician. Still, the salaries would differ noticeably, from $12 - 13 per hour at a hospital to $9 - 10 per hour at a department store pharmacy (as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics). So, as you see, a lot depends on the field of application of your professional skills, so your choice should be wise and balanced.

Judging by the reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average pharmacy technician earns between $19,270 and $39,480, so you can easily figure out the median income yourself. The data of BLS agrees with the reports of another agency, AMA. According to their reports the average annual entry-level salary for a pharmacy technician is $19,000.

Any person, interested in more detailed information on pharmacy technician salaries, is welcome to visit the site of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Is it possible to obtain a pharmacy technician certificate through an online training program? Do the online training programs qualify at the same quality level as traditional, campus-based schools? Is a good online pharmacy technician program difficult to find?

All of the above questions are just reasonable and common ones. Of course, in order to get the most from time and money you would spend on your training you should make a knowledgeable choice.

In the first place, you can rest absolutely assured that online pharmacy technician training is not inferior in quality if compared against the traditional, campus-based schools. Alternatively, it boasts some critical advantages over the traditional schools. The biggest advantage is the convenience and flexibility of online distance learning. The training can be completed by you from any place convenient, according to your own comfortable schedule. The only condition is possibility to log into your virtual training program and complete the scheduled task within certain, very flexible limits. You can get your training during the lunch brake, or on the road, when travelling - whatever! Since you do not have to quit you current job such method of training could be the only option left for busy working professionals. And you can save your hard-earned money on the cost of travelling and accommodation, too!

As for the online program that would be best for you personally - just do some online research; compare programs offered by different sites. You should take into consideration such factors as the program's length, its cost and the offered teaching program (curriculum). By using your zip code you can easily locate online pharmacy technician schools in your area. Visit their sites and request free information.

Another highly recommended method of getting the information about the quality of training offered at an online school would be getting in contact with comments and reports of actual graduates from the program. It should be a problem to do through online forums. Such former students can be a very valuable source of information, letting you know about possible pros and cons of this or that particular training program.

As far as the teaching program is concerned, make sure that it includes such topics as medical and pharmaceutical terminology, pharmaceutical calculations, pharmacy record keeping, pharmaceutical techniques, and pharmacy law and ethics. The coursework in biology, chemistry, health, and mathematics is not strictly required but would be of help. And, what is the most important, any online program worth your choice should be accredited with the educational authorities. If the program offers the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board certification you should consider this option seriously - such a certificate greatly increases your chances of getting a good starting position for a rewarding career as a pharmacy technician!