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The Tooth Fairy Legend

As we were kids, our parents always used to tell us stories about the tooth fairy, none of us actually saw "her", the same goes for Santa during Christmas times and holidays and the Easter bunny during the Easter, was she that sneaky? Well, I guess we were all shocked when we grew up that it was a legend (unless you still do get paid for leaving your milk tooth under your pillow). So let`s see how and where did it all start.

Where does she come from?

Europe, northern part to be more specific was the place where the "fairy" first showed up.

How does she work?

She has always been famous because of her discreet technique, when a child`s sixth tooth falls, that`s when she starts putting cash, in other cases it`s after the fourth. According to a recent survey in 2013 carried out by VISA , the tooth fairy pays an average of $3.70 per tooth ( I really wish to have some milk teeth right now).

How does she look like?

Well, there are many sayings; some even say that she is not even a "SHE", yes as some do visualize the fairy as a female princess probably wearing a ballerina (74%), there were others (12%) who believe that the fairy is neither a female nor a male and 8% believe that it could be either according to a study conducted in 1984. Some see the fairy as a bunny, rabbit or even a mouse. You can also find it illustrated in some children books as a man smoking a cigar, a bat or a bear. So basically the exact appearance of the fairy isn`t clear or in other words it`s not unified.

Why did the fairy stop visiting us?

Unless you still do have milk teeth, you probably know the answer of this question, now the question is "Will the fairy visit your kids too?" 75% of children said they did like the whole myth thing, 20% were neutral about it while 3% didn't really like it according to Rosmary Wells. Some parents see the myth that it provides comfort to their kids as they lose teeth and feel in pain while for parents it also comforts them that their kids are not growing up too fast as they still do believe in fantasy. So yes, it`s your call whether you would allow the fairy to visit your kids or not.